Creating a Show-stopper

Every piece we produce is a not only a labour of love but they also tell a story, and the creation of our Womens Huey Long Sleeve Top is no exception.

We set about creating a top that had a totally different impression to anything we had seen on the market. Not specifically drawn by any trend, we wanted to create a timeless statement piece that could become a classic and to achieve this it had to be rich in style, be unique and be comfortable to wear.

Our first consideration was with the fabric - we wanted a fabric that had real texture in both look and feel and when worn as a garment, had an understated appearance about it. This is created through a burn-out effect, also often referred to in the textile world as a dévoré, where cotton and polyester are blended and through a clever technique, in key areas of the garment, the cotton is literally worn away to reveal lighter areas in shade and texture. The end result is a wonderfully natural effect that is fabulously soft to hand.

Getting the style or cut of a garment right is essential and throughout the creation of this top the style had to entirely complement the appearance of the whole garment. Feminine details such as the boat-neck allow the garment to reveal a little more neck-line. The shaped body gives the garment overall form along the body-line but the classic cut gives you a little space to ensure this garment is casual and comfortable to wear.

Long slim sleeves are finished off with deep cuffs, that both create interest in the sleeve’s appearance and feel great against your hand. Of course the sleeves can be worn fully extended where the cuff can float over the hand, or loosely pushed back behind the hand, or rolled right up to the elbow where it will hold and look super cool.

As this garment developed its character, we often wondered what the perfect decoration for it could be. We had for some time been developing a graphic to celebrate one of our favourite helicopters the ‘Huey’, which by some irony at the same time of garments development we were also working on the recently launched ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ film where we supplied the Huey Helicopter for the opening scene.

Every show-stopper has to sparkle and this garment is no exception. The addition of rhinestones to our leading character the Huey helicopter, provide further attention to detail and make a very subtle eye-catching addition to the overall piece. 

Our choice around the colour palate has to complement the garment in every way but also remain true to the look and feel of the Aviaction brand. Earthy tones that have subtle references to aviation and the military are our signature and the Huey Long sleeve top is exactly that. Offered in Charcoal, Khaki and White, with complementing decorative print colours ensure that the entire garment works with any wardrobe for relaxed casual wear or for smarter appearances.


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