Aviation Grade and Military Spec

Right from the beginning we set our heart on creating a collection of Wear & Gear that not only had a tactical edge but also embracing practicality with technical materials. To achieve this, where ever possible we have sought out material that are aviation grade and military spec. 

Our Hercules Cobra Belt is an exceptional high-performance belt constructed using genuine military spec materials. Incorporating 38mm double layered Crye MultiCam Black™ webbing with adjustment provided by self-coloured hook and loop Velcro. In addition, the patented AustriAlpin hard coated Cobra buckle provides a minimum guaranteed load capacity18kN, in loop configuration.

The Cobra buckle is not only used by the military for safety and security applications but also in action-movie production costumes.


Our Black Hawk Bracelet and Patrol Bracelet combine paracord with a cross-stitched micro cord, creating an intricate and eye-catching piece.

Both our Paracord Bracelets are handcrafted in the USA with Type-III 550 lb military grade paracord used in the suspension lines of parachutes. A gunmetal plated stainless-steel shackle enables the bracelet to be adjusted and on its own has a working break strength of 250 lb.

A ready to wear bracelet that will provide you with years of service and if you need a short cord in an emergency, cut out the welded connection and unwrap the bracelet to reveal approx 2.4 meters of life saving cord.


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